A Tennessee man  fire at thieves

Watch CCTV Video: A Tennessee man  fire at thieves who were trying to steal a van outside his home

A Tennessee man ended up in a correctional facility this week in the wake of returning fire at criminals who were attempting to take a van outside his home.

A Shelby Region man was informed by his reconnaissance framework at around 2 a.m. Saturday that few individuals were outside his home and utilizing theft devices with an end goal to break into a van, Fox 13 Memphis detailed.

After the man strolled outside, the hoodlums discharged shots at him as he remained underneath the patio light of his home, as per the power source.

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Security video shows the property holder and the suspects taking shots at one another multiple times.

The thieves fled the scene and the man went back into his house, but when police arrived, the man’s wife said they began interrogating him.

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“When they were talking to him, from what I saw, it was like they were trying to find ways to charge him,” the homeowner’s wife told Fox 13 Memphis.

“That doesn’t sound right. Why would you put pressure on the victim when you should put pressure for the suspects to be found.”

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Agents say the man let them know that he couldn’t obviously see what he was focusing on and owned up to discharging shots with his eyes shut due to being frightened and taking shots at the suspects as they escaped, the power source noted.

The man, who has not been freely recognized, was at last captured and accused of foolish risk however later delivered, and his family trusts the charge will be dropped, as per Fox 13 Memphis.

“The suspects, they are out there,” the man’s better half told the power source. “They were presumably dozing or celebrating [while] my significant other was in prison attempting to get delivered for something where he was honest.”

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Insight about the occurrence drew analysis via online entertainment, including from Legacy Establishment senior individual Amy Swearer, who contradicted the clarification given by police with regards to why the man was captured.

“I’m stunned that the mortgage holder here is being accused of ‘wild risk,'” Swearer said in a Twitter string. “The contentions from police appear to be ridiculous all over to me. The main individuals he jeopardized were…the ones taking shots at him. Also, he’s 100 percent qualified for ‘jeopardize’ them.”

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