Angel Mercado-Ocasio

Watch College baseball player Angel Mercado-Ocasio dugout collapsed Video Footage

A Focal Penn School baseball player has passed on after a shoddy hole fell.

Heavenly messenger Mercado-Ocasio, 19, experienced a horrible cerebrum injury on Monday in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, at the seventh and Radnor baseball fields. He passed on late Tuesday at Essence of God Medical clinic.

Mercado-Ocasio was masking a wooden hole at a field that was worked without the city’s consent – Mercado-Ocasio, a mentor and a few others put the burrows up and felt dependable to bring them down.

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“Our Focal Penn School family is crushed by the deficiency of Holy messenger,” Focal Penn President Linda Fedrizzi-Williams said in an explanation.

“As companions who have become family, we are grieving the tragic deficiency of one of our own, a promising youthful competitor who foolishly lost his life while helping other people partake in the game he cherished to such an extent. No words can satisfactorily communicate our agony.”

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“Whenever somebody passes, we lose a smidgen of what our identity is. It harms significantly more when it’s one of our own,” additional Harrisburg City hall leader Wanda Williams.

“Holy messenger was our child; a pleased Harrisburg Cougar, and a stick out, promising youthful competitor. He kicked the bucket helping other people around the game he adored. It’s awful.

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Holy messenger embraced such countless individuals and presently we want to embrace his memory. We ask everybody locally to appeal to God for his family, his companions, and his colleagues.

As we overcome this outlandishly troublesome time together. The City of Harrisburg might want to broaden our genuine sympathies and supplications to the family.”

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Mercado-Ocasio was revived after first responders performed CPR and had been in critical condition.

Coach Gerardo Diaz, who was dissembling the dugout, placed blame on himself for not paying closer attention to his players in the area – he told FOX 43 they were “fooling around.”

“I tried my best to protect him,” he said. “I got mad at them. I told them to stop playing around, but kids will be kids. I still feel responsible.”

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