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Watch Bodycam Footage: Newly released video shows an Iowa police officer clinging to the hood of a car as the driver attempts to flee

Newly released video shows an Iowa police officer clinging to the hood of a car as the driver attempts to flee.

The bodycam film from the Carroll Police Division came after the driver was condemned to five years in jail regarding the Walk 5, 2021, experience.

Official Patrick McCarty told a traveler in the vehicle, Dennis Guider Jr., that there was a warrant for his capture from Illinois, KCCI-television in Des Moines revealed.

The driver escaped the vehicle and Guider moved to the driver’s seat and begun the vehicle. The official then taken out his weapon.

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As the vehicle continued to move, McCarty bounced on the hood while different officials kept on showing up at the scene.

“Stop the f- – – ing vehicle!” the official can be heard shouting at the driver.

During the encounter, the driver got out of the car and Guider slid over behind the steering wheel and started to drive away.

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The officer pulled out his gun and jumped on the hood, while yelling, “Stop the f****** car!”

As the car drove away, Officer McCarthy eventually fell off the car hood and broke his back when he hit the ground.

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McCarty in the long run tumbled to the ground and crushed his spirit when the vehicle hit a trench, the news report said. Guider was captured and conceded to serious injury by a vehicle. He asserted he dreaded for his life when McCarty took out his firearm.

“I feared for my life after the officer pull(ed) out his gun and jump(ed) on the hood of my car,” Guider wrote in a letter to the Carroll County clerk of court in February, the Des Moines Register reported.

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