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Watch Viral Video: Canadian student speaks out after being detained while handing out free Bibles at protest

Months after a student was suspended for challenging transgender ideology, Canadian teenager Josh Alexander was detained at a protest while handing out free Bibles

Freedom Alliance Canada coordinated a global leave as of late called “I Stand With Josh Alexander” in dissent of his suspension. Fights at Western Canada Secondary School in Calgary took a turn when a conflict resulted among protestors and counter-protestors.

Alexander, albeit compromised and moved by counter-protestors, was caught in a video being confined by police.

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“I surely don’t think it was an occurrence that following four minutes at the dissent, police waiting patiently, seeing me being attacked by a horde with my hands up high and they choose to capture Josh Alexander at the I Stand with Josh Alexander rally.

So I don’t think there is any fortuitous event there,” Alexander shared on “Fox and Companions Weekend,” Saturday.

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Last week’s fight prompted two captures, however the two people, one of who was distinguished as Alexander, were delivered without charges.

“Today I was cuffed and placed in a paddy cart for offering understudies Books of scriptures on a public walkway in Calgary.

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I was delivered and told assuming I returned I would be captured and charged. I kept giving out Books of scriptures. For I’m not embarrassed about the Good news of Christ,” Alexander tweeted a week ago.

Alexander did say he was “impressed” that “it would appear, [Calgary police are] going to be pressing charges against a few of the individuals that assaulted me.”

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The protests were largely in response to an earlier incident involving Alexander at St. Joseph’s High School in Renfrew, Ontario in November.

According to a human rights complaint filed by Alexander’s lawyer James Kitchen with Liberty Coalition Canada, students erupted during a math class when Alexander argued against the school’s bathroom policy.

“I quoted Mark 10:6 after a teacher told us that there was as many genders as we want there to be and we should explore ourselves. And I said, ‘No, God created male and female,” he said.

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